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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Twygal recovering

While I continue to worry about Rainbow and her battle with kidney disease, I am happy to report that Twygal is doing much better. She battled IBD for a long time while we tried to figure out what was causing her terrible diarrhea but this week she seems to be telling me that she feels wonderful.

She was born in '94, just 6 months after Rainbow so she is my next most senior girl. She is one crazy tortie too. She can be sweet and loving one minute and down-right vicious the next but she's almost never threatened me. I say almost because one time she did bite me but that was because she'd seen a very large Siberian Husky for the first time while she was outside in a strange place. Her first instinct was "flight" but since I held her tightly she had to bite me to get away. Of course, that meant a regimen of antibiotics for me but it didn't ruin our relationship.

Twygal's most frequent affectation is redirected aggression. I was a real meany at times early on because it was so funny to see her reaction. I would pet her roughly at the base of her tail and point her in the direction of one of the other cats. When she'd had enough she would explode AT the other cat like a missile chasing him or her far away. Yes, she's also one of those who can't be petted for long without reacting.

These last couple of years, however, she has been rather solemn, not playing or even wanting attention. She sometimes slept in my bed with me but mostly just slept all day and night only getting up to eat and perform other "essential" duties. These last couple of weeks have been completely different.

Twygal is now so much like her younger self it is almost scary. She has been coming to me for attention, wanting to be petted and hugged. She talks to me, like a Siamese would, just like she did in earlier times. And she plays! She just seems so happy - and so am I. Now if we could just get Rainbow back to her former self.

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