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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hawkeye State Cat Club Show Follow-up

Judge Kathy Black & Abyssinian kitten
What a great cat show we had this past weekend. Even though I had to work hard to keep the staff refreshed with beverages and food all weekend I had so much fun. Working hospitality duty at a cat show gives me a chance to visit just a little with the staff, including the judges, clerks and stewards. Our entry numbers were down, most likely because of the economy, but the cats that did come were high quality. And our illustrious panel of judges had a difficult time choosing their finalists in nearly every class.

two Himalayans
Siamese giving love
I have to admit that I did take a little time off Saturday to listen to the ISU Cyclone men’s basketball game. I had such a hard time holding in my emotions as they blew away Texas A & M. My fist got away from me just once as I pounded the table and upset all the cats but I just couldn’t help it. I love Cyclone basketball.

This week’s Household Pet Class highlighted the show with a group of cats that kept all of us entertained. In one ring the finalists didn’t seem to want their ribbons or toy awards. They took turns knocking first their toys then their ribbons off of their cages and to the floor. Their hilarious antics had the spectators all laughing.
Maine Coon, not a HHP!

At times it seemed as if we were at the “Paddy and Drew show” because those two adorable brothers performed like professional entertainers. Paddy climbed up on the judge’s shoulders, Drew kissed every one of them and both boys played with every toy offered to them. Those two hams are the Midwest’s best.
Had to show this kissy picture
In the end, Fruitcake of Sazikatz a beautiful brown-patched tabby and white girl, took third place (she was from somewhere down south and her owner wasn’t quite prepared for our freezing temperatures). Her award, generously donated by Central Life Sciences, was a basket filled with Feliway products and promotional materials such as a T-shirt, toys and a scarf. I provided the basket in memory of my sweet Bluebird.

Second place went to Paddy, that loveable red tabby and white, so he took home a cute feline-designed ceramic bowl donated by Mary Jane Tesdall. Then Drew, who stole the show, took first place. That adorable black and white won his owners yet another trophy, this one donated by Roseann Davis.

We also held a cage-decorating contest and boy did those exhibitors compete.

Fourth place went to Linda Fisher’s pretty cage.
Lorelei Cauffman took third with her fancy decorations

Sueann Spinder and Terry Bierrie took second with the most “coordinated” outfit I’ve ever seen. Not only did their clothes match their decorations but also their camera and even the yarn they worked with!
But Sharon Schuetz once again did her best to capture the title of best-decorated cage incorporating our show's theme into the design (leaping for love, including frogs)
Our club does a wonderful job of working together to pull off a fun show making it look effortless, if I do say so myself. Next year why not add our show to your show schedule. We will be celebrating “Meowdi Gras” February 9 & 10, 2013. Hope to see you there! (I’ll bet Paddy and Drew will be there to keep us in stitches again)

I just had to show you these pictures of a cat that really loves to be groomed (sorry they are so fuzzy)

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