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Monday, February 6, 2012

Twygal tonight

Twygal, last fall

While I'm still trying write my next kitten entry (it's hard to write about losing them) I thought I'd share a new gimmick Twygal is developing. Watching her bounce around like she is helps me handle Rainbow's illness a little better.

She's been feeling so good lately that she's running around getting into all kinds of trouble, like a kitten would. The last couple of nights she has been going after my "pariah" cat, Meadow, but not with a lot of conviction. Tonight, however, as Meadow tried to melt into a pile of Beanies, Twygal kept jumping at her from below. She'd slap and Meadow would slap then Twygal would get down. Then they'd repeat the whole thing. Twygal really seems to be getting a kick out of this new game.

As long as no one is getting hurt, Twygal is declawed and Meadow is not, I'll let Twygal keep up the act. It's so heartening to see her enjoying life again.

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