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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Novartis Notice and drug shortages

Novartis has announced that certain pet medications may be improperly packaged. The wrong tablets may be in the wrong packaging. Here is the link.

This notice concerns Clomicalm. This comes in the wake of another announcement about a similar problem with human meds, especially opiates and common meds such aspirin and pain relievers.

On a related note you may have heard about drug shortages. For some reason many medications have been back-ordered indefinitely. You should check this link to find out if any meds you or your pet require are on the list. If they are check with your pharmacist, doctor and/or veterinarian about substitutes or other ways to protect yourself or your pet. Some of these drugs are needed for serious conditions so be proactive to protect your heath.

NOTE: This post has been corrected. Clomicalm is the only medication mentioned in the Novartis announcement.

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