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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rainbow tonight

Rainbow sleeping on my lap
My gorgeous Rainbow is sitting on my lap in a bed as I work tonight. I put her in the bed while I gave her fluids and she curled up and stayed there the rest of the night so far. She has all the other cats jealous. They usually take turns on my lap every evening as I work or watch TV. Tonight, they each approached and threatened to jump up but never did. I think they've all gone to bed now a little green with envy.

She seems pretty worn out and doesn't do much besides sleep but she did come down on her own to eat this evening. I'm encouraged when she eats but then I watch her struggle to get around and know that she is still very sick.

The dead tissue covering the abscessed area is starting to fall off now but I am unable to pull it off yet. I think it is connected just enough to cause her pain when I try to work it out. I guess I just need to watch her closely until it does finally come off unless we can come up with a safe way to remove it for her. I'll be calling her vet again in the morning to see if they have any new ideas.

Thanks for all your well wishes!


  1. Poor little sweetheart. Continued purrs and universal healing Light from us.

    And hugs to you!

    1. Thanks for your support. She's doing much worse tonight so I'm not looking forward to morning light. She's always been my light, the rainbow that brought color and laughter to my life. I hate that this is happening to her.