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Friday, April 27, 2012

Twygal's last day

Twygal on Wednesday: she didn't like her trip outside
Friday morning Dr. Tammy will be helping Twygal escape her suffering. But I’m afraid she has already left the fold in part.

It has been a difficult week because Twygal has continued to eat, drink, and even play despite the growing lump on her face. However, on Wednesday she stopped eating. On Thursday she became very grumpy, refusing even to be petted. She has always been a very sensitive cat and I’ve had to tread lightly with her emotions and moods but that’s just a part of her wonderful personality.

Thursday evening she started bleeding from her mouth and nose again and she’s having even more difficulty breathing. I’m just comforted that she will still sleep on top of me in bed. That is, as long as I don’t touch her.

I worried about her last moments because she always gets very stressed when I take her to the clinic. I don’t want her passing to be so traumatic for her, though it definitely will be for me. To make her transition a little less stressful I will be giving her a light sedative before leaving home.

Though they were never friends in life perhaps Twygal will join with Bluebird and Rainbow and romp happily in heaven.


  1. I'm so sorry, am sending you both Light and asking the Universe for quick, gentle, merciful passing.

    The boys send their purrs to you both.

    Peace and Blessings.

  2. Andrea, I was pressed with work and missed what what happening with Twygal. I'm thinking of you this morning.

    I've had multiple cats with illnesses when I lost my four oldest all within one year. I also had one cat diagnosed with advanced lymphoma two days before my beloved Kublai died of whatever mystery disease caused him to waste away; Allegro died exactly two weeks later. I also had a cat with an osteosarcoma on her jaw and an issue in her sinuses from a tooth infection. The list could go on.

    I didn't realize you needed to talk about this and I would have been glad to help you along with my stories. I'll still be glad to do so. E-mail or call when you are ready--you can find my phone number in the footer of any e-mail. I'll be honored to listen and commiserate.

    My best to you and Twygal. Rainbow is waiting for her, as is my Cookie and Peaches and all the others.

  3. We send healing purrs for the loss of Twygal, who is no doubt romping happy and free in kitty heaven.