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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Well, tonight I finally managed to get Tourmalina, the other "feral" cat, into a carrier. It wasn't easy but it's done. I first trapped her in the bathroom then spent at least 1/2 hour in there doing everything I could to convince her that the inside of the carrier really wasn't that scary.

Meanwhile outside the bathroom door I could hear the whining of the dog and scratches from the other cats. Everyone was curious about the noises coming from the bathroom. Given that Tourmalina was mewing quite a lot, I'm guessing that Blizzard (the dog) had a little of his protective side pushing him. He doesn't like it when the cats "disagree" and usually tries to break it up. This time he couldn't because the door was shut.

So, hopefully, tomorrow Dr. Tammy will be able to fit Tourmalina into her schedule. She'll need to be sedated before receiving her vaccinations and a good physical just like Sparks did a few weeks ago. Wish us luck!


  1. Hope everything turned out okay with Tourmalina! I really enjoyed reading through your blog, and I look forward to receiving the posts. I always click over to the blog from e-mail because I'd rather see it the way you formatted it, but it's such a nice reminder in my inbox.

    I have to tell you that when I signed up the captcha code was "catican". Hope that's prophetic for Mewdy Blue!

  2. Thanks for following! I'm so happy I finally figured out the email thing. I hope more readers find it useful.

    Yes, everything went fine with Tourmalina EXCEPT now she is hiding under my bed and won't come out to eat. I'm going to see what I can do at this next feeding. Maybe I can convince her to eat right there under the bed.

    And Mewdy Blue is doing much better now! He's decided that he likes the more expensive food - rabbit. So now I am alternating it with the other (duck) to cut down on costs as long as I can. So far it's working.