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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hawaiian Vog

Since I have a few readers who hail from those wonderful Hawaiian isles I thought I'd bring this to their attention. People have been alerted to the coming vog (volcanic fumes) this week and advised to take the necessary precautions. I want to be sure you also think of your pets during this time. Dogs and cats can suffer respiratory problems from vog and if they already have respiratory ailments like asthma, it may get even worse for them. I ran across this article with advice from a local veterinarian:

Please be safe and make sure your pets are too! Yes, even in paradise life can be complicated.


  1. Google has just dumped all your recent posts into our Reader, mere minutes ago. So we're behind!

    Gee, living in Ontario, Canada, we've never thought about respiratory problems caused by volcanic fumes (and presumably ash too), but that makes sense. Not good for humans who have certain health issues, either!

    Really, there's no such thing as "paradise," even though some places in the world can come close. :-)

    1. I guess in the middle of a dull brown winter in Iowa any place that is green is paradise to me :)