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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Change 2012

I don’t like change. I don’t suppose anyone does. With the changing of the years I tend to think of things gone by, and loved ones now gone.

Bluebird 1997-2011

“…gone away is the Bluebird……” from one of my favorite holiday songs, Winter Wonderland now only brings tears instead of a love for the snow covered landscape. I know Bluebird left me in 2011 but it seems like only yesterday sometimes. I still can’t believe she’s gone. I still remember her as that tiny little girl with the big round eyes, my Prima Donna.

Rainbow 1994-2012

In all of 2012 I only saw one Rainbow and she is now gone as well. She was a miracle from God. I prayed that she would appear and there she was. A perfectly built and designed feline form painted with the greatest artistic flare. Her green eyes shone as emerald charms to dress up her already fancy coat. She had a unique personality, my Gorgeous Clown.

Twygal 1994-2012

And Twygal, my little Chubs; feisty and loveable all in one little body. She was the twilight with a galaxy of stars in her coat. Her white socks and stripped nose brought a sparkle to her tortie fur. I always believed she was a gift from my beloved Gabrielle to help me cope with other losses. Now she’s gone my sweet little Tickle.

They’ve each taken with them a piece of my heart that will never be replaced. I can only dream that they are waiting with others I’ve lost at the Bridge where we all will be reunited one day.

Mewdy Blue

Now I watch as more of my babies decline. Mewdy Blue (15 1/2), who doesn't like to eat anymore can barely maintain his 7 lbs. while Lady Butterfly (17 1/2) hovers around 5 lbs. Mewdy Blue has become inactive and distant coming downstairs only at mealtimes and hasn't slept with me in over a week. Lady Butterfly thankfully is still quite active and attentive but I worry nonetheless. In all I have 5 cats on medications of some sort. At least 7 cats are over the age of 10 (Sparks and Tourmalina may be just 10 but I'm only guessing).

Lady Butterfly (Question & Fargo behind her)

 So what does 2013 hold for my family? I pray that I might have just one year with no losses to memorialize. No, I envision a happy 2013 with health and happiness for us all. What do you see for your new year? I'd love to hear from you.

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