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Monday, December 5, 2011

News from the web

Today’s post is all about news aggregation. Here is a list of many truly interesting articles I thought you’d be interested in.

PTSD in dogs: military dogs are showing signs of PTSD. This talks about treating them and alternatives:

Santa’s reindeer need help too: a lot of great information about the care of Santa’s reindeer including some video:

Toads predict earthquakes: some time ago I wrote an article for Cat Fancy about the possibility that animals can predict earthquakes. Finally this study proves that, yes, some animals definitely can:

Cats protect Rats that detect mines in Colombia: this one doesn’t spend much time talking about the cats but it is an interesting way to use rats. I’d like to know more about how they train the cats not to attack the rats:

Cat or toy: you’ll enjoy this piece about a large group of folks who were surprised by what they found when trying to rescue a cat:

Snowy Owl attacks dog: sad tale about a small dog who fell victim to a bird of prey:

What are microchips: I am a proponent of microchipping our pets. This is a podcast that explains what a chip is:

Hope these are of some use to you even if only for entertainment. Let me know your opinions on any of them.

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