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Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday mash-up

Here’s another bunch of articles I found around the web. I guess you could call it my Friday mash-up.

When the family dog needed lifesaving heart surgery this family gave it their all. They even shipped in a specialist from Italy! You’ve got to read this story:

This cat chose the wrong place to take a nap. This story should give everyone a reminder at this time of year to be sure you slap the hood of your car before you start it. Otherwise you might end up with a hitchhiker like this man did:

Found by hikers this eagle was saved. He’d been shot and was bleeding to death when they delivered him to a veterinarian and rehabilitators:

A life-threatening situation for a military dog right here in the U.S.

I am embarrassed to show you this last one. Embarrassed because it is happening in my own state. Rest assured, not all Iowans feel this way; not all of us are so insensitive as to deny a man his service dog:


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