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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dog rescues kittens

I will never understand what brings people to abuse animals in such horrid ways. Here in Iowa we’ve had several incidents this year that were picked up by the media. One was of a litter of kittens dumped in a trash bag and thrown into a trash receptacle. All of the kittens died except one. That one was rescued and eventually adopted. One happened in my own sister’s neighborhood. Several litters of kittens were unceremoniously dumped in a ditch. She saved the ones she could, took some to the shelter and is now trying to find homes for the last two (one of whom is pregnant!).

Now we have an even worse incident involving a litter of kittens. The links at the end of this post will lead you to the full story but basically some horrible person “packaged” a litter of kittens in a cat food bag and threw them out onto the road. At least one car ran over the kittens killing all but two of them but finally a dog found them and dragged them home to his angel of an owner. The kittens were so young that she wasn’t able to care for them and called all the area rescues to find someone who could. Eventually she got ahold of the Raccoon Valley Rescue. They took the kittens in and nursed them back to health. Very soon those two remaining kittens will be looking for homes.

Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. What about the hoarders, the puppy mills, and other folks who think that an animal is there for them to beat on? Why do people do these things. Hoarding is caused by a mental disorder that makes the sufferer think they are “helping” the animals they collect. Puppy mills are run by greedy people who have no regard for the welfare of their charges only that they keep on producing. And abusers? I have no idea what their problem is. And unfortunately many animal abusers eventually graduate to abusing people as well.

Original newscast:

Follow-up coverage:

Story as told by the rescue folks:

What do you think? Is there a way to stop this? Have you ever rescued an animal from one of these situations? Have you adopted a pet that was rescued? I’d like to read of your stories.

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