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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Cat Life, a book review

I’ve just finished a book that you’ll surely love if you are a cat lover. Cat Life: Celebrating the History, Culture & Love of the Cat by Amy Shojai is not only a comprehensive resource of all things “cat,” it is also a pleasure to read. It is a beautiful book as befitting its subject. The information is well organized and easily navigated.

In Chapter one “Evolutionary Cat” we learn how the cat, as we know it, evolved from the time of dinosaurs to present day. We are shown here how our precious little cats are related to the big cats and other wild cats. This chapter also takes us on a trip through the history of domestic cats.

Chapter two “Cultured Cat” reveals how cats were regarded in the culture of many different times in history. We read about times when cats earned their keep, times when they were revered, and times when they were not so lucky. Myths and legends have been both kind and hard on our cats. And Shojai shows us that they have been recognized in art and literature.

The “Physical Cat” presents the physical and psychological side of cats. Anything from the claw, tail or ear to the spine, organs or physiology is presented in this chapter. It is a book’s worth of knowledge about your cat an operation manual of sorts.

And finally, in Chapter four “Gallery of Breeds” we are treated to an introduction to several of the existing breeds in the cat fancy. Author Amy Shojai shows us wonderful photos of many breeds and explains what sets them apart from other breeds. She even includes some of the relatively newer breeds such as the Lykoi and the Toyger.

As if that weren’t enough she includes beautiful photos all through the book as well as various quotations that illustrate our favorite species and all her foibles. And at the end of the book she also lists more of her books that you can to read for more complete information.

I definitely recommend Cat Life to anyone who loves cats and wants more information. You may purchase it starting today on Amazon.

I received an advanced copy, ebook version, at no cost but my stated opinions herein are my own. I was not compensated for my review.

As for selfies we are again joining The Cat On My Head this week. We're going back in time for no other reason than I was just thinking about this particular cat. Mouse was a feral cat I took in and she helped to introduce another group of kittens into my household. Here she is photobombing my Scheffllera.


  1. I have met Amy, she is an amazing and inspiring person! I am not surprised you enjoyed it, I know I will too.

    Great review, thank you.

  2. What a wonderful sounding and looking book. Written by one of our fellow CWA members too, and a Muse Medallion winner.