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Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet Blossom

Today’s shelter cat made taking pictures of her difficult. She preferred to have her neck scratched so I picked out the least fuzzy of all the pics I took.

Blossom is a longhaired calico cat of approximately 3 years of age with a sweet personality. She has been declawed on all four feet and so needs to be an indoor only cat. Because she loves attention so much, brushing her long hair shouldn’t be much of an affair. But her new people should be prepared to brush her daily in order to prevent any mats or hairballs.

You’ve just got to meet Blossom in person to truly appreciate what she can bring to your family. Come out and see her today. She’s at the Story County Animal Shelter.

The shelter is located at:         975 W Lincoln Highway
Nevada, IA 50201
Ph: (515) 382-3338

Their hours are:                       M-F 11 am to 4 pm
                                                Closed on holidays and weekends

You can see more of the pets awaiting adoption at the shelter website and updates on their Facebook page.

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