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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kittens delivered

In honor of Adopt-A-Cat month I thought I should finally finish the kittens’ story. It isn’t the end though as you will see. If you need to catch up on the rest of the story see these links: first, second, third, fourth and fifth.
The Charmed Ones

The day came when I had to deliver the Charmed Ones to their new home but first I spent some extra time with that litter, all together for the last time. I couldn’t help but cry even though I knew it would work out for the best. Those kittens had nothing but love waiting for them. Finally I had to gather up the girls and load them into a carrier.
last time the 3 red tabbies were together

Taylor, now Phoebe
Tinkerbell and Trinket, now Page & Piper
We took the trip into town and I delivered them to the professor and her son. Already they had a corner of a room all set up for the kittens. The resident cat watched from high atop some shelves as I released the kittens. I could see the disgust in her face. I waited and watched as the girls investigated their new surroundings then quietly slipped away. I didn’t want anyone to see the tears welling in my eyes.

Tortie, now Gaia
When Tortie, now named Gaia, was 12 weeks old I delivered her to the couple’s apartment. As I explained to them about introducing new cats and the importance of a period of isolation Freya pounced. I held Gaia in my hands but instantly Freya took it upon herself to give the kitten a welcoming bath. Freya’s front paws enveloped Gaia and the two cats became instant buddies. I’d never seen an introduction like that before. I was sad to lose yet another energetic soul but I didn’t cry this time. Instead I laughed. Those two cats belonged together.

Then it came to Scotty. I’d only spoken to his appointed new owner a couple of times but I was sure she still planned to adopt him. She waited patiently for my word that he was ready to go. When I called and told her it was time she invited me to her place right away. This was about the time when Effie died and I had somehow attached my broken heart to that snuggly little kitten. Each time I looked into his eyes I knew that he was one of “those” cats, the special ones, the ones who stayed with me. Scotty and I bonded tightly.

I tried desperately to bargain with the young woman, offering her one of the red tabbies. Then I surprised even myself when I offered her one of the black and white kittens. She had shown an interest in them early on until I told her I’d planned to keep them. Scotty’s new mom stuck to her guns. Scotty was the one for her so I relented. Another loss to face so soon.

That afternoon I collapsed on the floor of the kittens’ room and sobbed. Scotty scooted up to cuddle under my chin. I squeezed him hard hoping to keep the memory of him as close to my heart as possible.

I closely inspected the apartment where Scotty would move and could find nothing wrong with the situation. She had one other cat, an older blue cat that was used to having a companion. Her roommate had just moved out taking her pet with her so Scotty was going to fill that void.

Inside the small room where Scotty would spend his isolation period she had arranged an amazing array of toys, climbing boxes, food and water bowls and a bed. What a playground for my baby! I let him out of the carrier and he immediately set to investigating his surroundings. Enthralled with the new environment he looked up to me just once as if to say he’d be all right and started playing. Scotty’s new person gave me a whole sack full of fresh catnip she’d gotten from her parents’ home and I left knowing Scotty would be fine.

Later she told me that she’d spent that first night on the floor of Scotty’s room just to be sure he was all right. Yes, they’d bonded. I knew then that Scotty truly was a special cat.

I kept in touch with all the new owners and continued to get nothing but great reports and wonderful pictures of my “kids.” However, at one point Scotty’s person fell off the radar for a time. I searched and searched but couldn’t find her. She’d left the university rather suddenly and no longer lived at that apartment. I grew panicky wondering about my baby and what had become of him and I worried about his person. I hoped she was okay.

Finally the internet led me to her parents in another state. I learned that she’d had a terrible experience and moved back home for a short time but Scotty was helping her cope. He adapted to the family dog easily and remained a rock for the young woman. Now she’s gone back to school to get a law degree and I believe loves Scotty as much as I still do. I think of him nearly every day but I know he in the right place, with the right person.

He has a new name, Toby, but when she and I talk of him we still refer to him as Scotty/Toby. I just can’t help it.

So I found homes for five of the nine kittens but then I had to stop. I couldn’t take any more losses. The two red tabbies, Trucker and Tweety, became Gooseberry and Strawberry and started the process of crawling into my heart. I had planned to get the mothers spayed and vaccinated and then turn them back out with the males but after such a long time in the house, I just didn’t feel right about it. They had become housecats, even if I couldn’t touch them, they were my housecats. To this day they remain wary of any attention I pay them but Sparks and Tourmalina are home.

I may feel sad sometimes when I miss those kittens but I am so happy that I found such great homes for them. I trust their new owners and know that they are all loved and well-cared for. It is a happy ending to that part of their life story.

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