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Thursday, April 17, 2014


It’s spring!
I’m so excited
I wet my plants

I saw that on a sign in Des Moines a couple of weeks ago and just had to share it.
Spring in Iowa
Ah, change, ain’t it wonderful? Just because it is inevitable doesn’t mean I have to like it. Things around here have been changing. Typical Iowa weather had us experiencing temps near 80 degrees on Saturday, thunderstorms Saturday night, Four inches of rain on Sunday and at least 2” of snow on Monday. College basketball season is over, ending one of the most exciting seasons my Cyclones have ever served us, and spring football is already in progress.

Personally, I’m still working through the grief that hangs over my household after losing those three precious beings last year. Ironically, while trying my best to help my Cyclones win that last NCAA Sweet 16 game by jumping up and down, cheering and doing all kinds of things in the privacy of my own home I managed to break my foot! So I’m hobbling around in a huge boot while yearning to get out and work in my yard.

And in the family, things have also been changing. That happens when a member of the family dies, or when several family members die, and especially when three of the dominant members die. Leaderships change, dominances get rearranged and loyalties fly out the window. I’ve seen “enemies” sleeping together, sisters and brothers fighting and even attacking their own mother. I’ve even observed some personalities developing, blossoming.

Mulberry Spot and Miss Misty Meadow, enemies?

I’m restarting my blog today as a way of recognizing a couple of very important birthdays and an anniversary of my own. Thirty years ago on April 16th I began my job at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Nineteen years ago Lady Butterfly was (probably) born. She came to me when she was nearly 9 months old so I guessed at her true birthdate. Then 17 years ago on April 17th Mewdy Blue and his brothers and sister were born in my house. We’ve never really celebrated birthdays in my family because to cats every day is special. But this year I had to do this much.

So, along with this blog, I’m rededicating myself to my writing. I’ve written two children’s books already and need to concentrate on getting them published. I’ve also begun work on two new books. You will probably see little changes to this blog every now and then. Oh, I’ll still write about animals, including companion animals, livestock and wildlife but I’ll also touch on the writing life once in awhile and maybe even life in general.

I hope you’ll join me in my new adventure and see just where it takes us. And please, let me know from time to time what changes you’ve seen in your life. Let’s all try to embrace the changes in our lives. Only through change can we grow.


  1. It's very poignant this marking out of our lives with the cats who we have shared it with. To lose three darlings in one year is a traumatic thing. I think Spring is especially welcome this year. Good luck with getting the books published!

    1. You're right. I think everyone is this country is ready and eagerly awaiting Spring this year. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. We must accept change whether we want it or not. It is hard for me to accept the losses of two of my beloved girls in less than 6 months. But it is something I have to ready or not. Yes, dynamics change and shift within a household when absences happen. Some are peaceful. Some are not. Good luck with the publishing of your books.

    1. Thanks, yes we have to accept them but I don't have to like them :)

      I've felt that you and are have been on this ride together as we both seem to be on the same timetable. I wish you all the best. I'm sure those beautiful girls Abby and Grace will never be forgotten.