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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Awards Time!

Me at my retirement show in October

Glitter here again. My human is just too humble sometimes. I think maybe it is an Iowa thing. We don’t usually like to crow about achievements or make a big deal out of things.

Yep, today was the first snow of the season!
But this time I think she’s gone too far. On Saturday she came home with a box that had a really hard rock-like thing in it. She called it a “trophy” and said it came from the Cat Writers’ Association.

From what I understand this is a really big deal. Kinda like those regional awards we cats win. Maybe even bigger! So finally she has a trophy to put on the shelf with all of ours. Why in the world didn’t she post it right away?

B.W. Huckleberry checking it out
So I’ve decided to do it for her. She won the Pro Plan Pedigreed Cats Award for her article in Cats US entitled “Harder Than It Looks”. Here’s the description of the requirements for the award:

Pro Plan® Pedigreed Cats Award, sponsored by Purina, is presented to the writer or creator of the best entry of the year that focuses on cat breeds, pedigreed cats, and professional breeder issues including (but not limited to) health, care, nutrition, and showing cats.” (from the CWA contest rules)

B.W. still checking

In this article she described the work that goes into developing and maintaining a cattery. Sometimes I think our house should be called a cattery and all these other brats kept in cages. It would make my life a lot easier. I wouldn’t have to go around slapping sense into those other twits.

Here's what Mulberry Spot thought of the award (he always thinks he should be the center of attention):

Anyway, since today (11-11-2013) is the human’s 3rd Blog-iversary this is a well-timed award. I think we should celebrate all night long – but first I have to lock the other cats in the bathroom.

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  1. Con-cat-ulations, Andrea! On both your award and on your blogoversary!