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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Iowa Pet Alert

Here’s what things have been like around Iowa this spring:

But now we’re getting a taste of sunshine! Unfortunately that means our pets are also getting a taste of sunshine by slipping outside unattended.

This year I’ve been working with a group of pet lovers in central Iowa to help reunite missing pets with their people. The group operates under the umbrella of The Pet Project Midwest but the lost and found branch of this tree is the Iowa Pet Alert. Through the IPA website people who have lost pets of any kind can post an ad for free and people who have found a pet can post an ad for free.

The internet is a magical thing. It can unite us from all over the world. But here at the Iowa Pet Alert we are bringing Iowa people together with their pets.

Lady Butterfly safe at home
When I first found the IPA website I started comparing lost ads with found ads and searching craigslist ads for similar descriptions. It was extremely rewarding to help someone find their pet reaching out from the comfort of my own home. I expanded my efforts by contacting rescue groups as well for those animals that weren’t claimed by their owners.

A dog that was "found" twice!
But then I decided I should become more involved. When the IPA decided to start a newsletter I volunteered to write “some” of the articles. Little did I know that I had volunteered to become the editor! I love my new role and truly believe in our mission.

Have a look at the website here. Do you know of any similar programs in your area? Have you ever done anything to help reunite lost pets with their owners? I’d love to hear your stories.

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