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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Character of Color

Ineffable (Effie) 1992?-2008
What kind of character does your household have? I’m not talking about the design of your house or the way you’ve decorated it inside. No, I mean what kind of a feel do you get from the animal “hues” around you?

There was a time when two blue cats, four blue and white cats and one silvery brown and white tabby resided with me. It gave me a cold feeling for a very long time. Their colors were cold, just the colors not the cats. I also had one red tabby, a brown-patched tabby and white and a couple of tortoiseshells but the number of blues outweighed their warmth.
Blizzard and Isis

Over the next several years the blue and white cats have left me and more red tabbies have joined us (along with a fiery calico and a quiet tortoiseshell). Now the household feels warmer.
Much warmer, huh? This is Mulberry Spot, Gooseberry and Strawberry

Now this is not to say that those blue cats were cold or snobbish, or that the more recent red tabbies are any cuddlier. I only mean that the atmosphere within my house reflects the colors that fill it.

Have you ever thought about the colors of your pets and how they affect the very air around you? Could they even affect your mood at times? Have you ever adopted a pet based on its color? Or do you find yourself attracted to certain colors without consciously having a preference for it (I mean you might “like” red tabby cats but find yourself looking more at calicos for some reason)?

Question, my Cutey-Q, 1997-2013
I’d love to hear your thoughts on how the color of your pets might affect you. Just drop me a line in the comments section.


  1. this was super interesting. I have no idea! M first cat was a brown tabby with 4 white paws and white "bib" current cat is a silver gray tabby...but....we have a mottled Sheltie who is many of the colors that my first cat was. I actually prefer the brownish colors.....wonder what that means?

    1. I think brown is probably a warmer color but if you add white to it well, that just might bring in the cold. Who knows? My American Eskie, who loves the cold by the way, is definitely cold! Thanks for commenting Caren.

  2. I find myself now with five black cast, and I'm the one who loves bright colors and patterns! But in my mind's eye each of them has a color, and I also picture them in different colors as well.

    1. I've noticed that in your artwork. They do become very colorful don't they :)

      Thanks for visiting again.