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Monday, December 17, 2012

Pets As Gifts - NOT

Mewdy Blue

I must apologize up front if I don’t sound myself tonight; I am on a “Hobbit high.” No, I don’t mean that stuff the Hobbitses smoke, whatever it might be. No, I mean I wrote this in the dark in the theater today while eagerly awaiting the start of the movie. Now, I’m  so happy I’m floating already anticipating the next time I see it – again!

Okay, here goes:

This time of year I usually reiterate my plea to not give pets as gifts. This year I am amazed, however, that at least one local shelter director is quoted as saying she disagrees with this philosophy!

Read this article in the Iowa State Daily to see the actual quote:

I prefer the information in this post at
Billy - a Cymric

Instead of giving a surprise pet as a gift at Christmas or any time here are some alternatives:

1.     Gift certificates: some shelters give gift certificates for this very purpose. Or you can make up your own certificate promising a pet of the recipient’s choosing. Never buy a pet from a pet store!

2.     Pre-choose a pet: offer the recipient the chance to pick out a pet themselves before Christmas. Do your research, make sure the source is reputable and be clear what all is included in the adoption fee (vaccinations, spay/neuter, worming, pedigree, etc.?) Make plans to take the pet home after the holidays. The holiday season is usually hectic enough without adding a new pet to the mix. And moving into a new home is stressful enough for a pet without the frantic pace, noise and introduction of strangers to cope with.

3.     Give a list: if you know what type of pet your recipient is considering do some research on your own and present your findings to them. They will appreciate your help. It will make their search that much easier.

Make sure that adding a pet is something your friend or relative is ready to do before presenting them with a new puppy or kitten. Let them do the choosing at the right time in order to ensure a rewarding and lasting relationship between that person and their new pet.


  1. I agree: no pets as gifts. I received one as a boy and was lucky enough to have parents who had taught me to take care of an animal. But a living creature as a present is not a good idea, especially as a surprise gift.

    And by the way, Hobbits smoke what the books called 'pipe-weed' - tobacco, not the other kind of weed.

    1. Yes, that's what they say :) but when I saw Radagast's face as he took a puff on that pipe.....................

      Thanks for the comment!