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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mewdy Blue

Please help me!

As most of you know three of my cats have already passed this year (Bluebird in October, Rainbow and Twygal in April). This week Mewdy Blue has decided he doesn't like food anymore! You can guess what kind of shape I'm in right now.

Last night I had to take him into the emergency services at Iowa State Unversity for I.V. fluids and lab tests to figure out why he isn't eating. His liver values have been high but we've been treating them and he seemed to be doing pretty well until now.

He is home tonight but still not eating so more tests are in his future to figure out what is going on and how we can deal with it. I have started an account with Give Forward because I am having trouble paying for all of this. Four cats in one year is just too much.

If you are able I would really appreciate any donation to this fund. If you can't please pass on the information to your friends and readers to help me get out the word. Last night we rang up a bill of $461 but they are talking about a possible bill of $2000 if we go ahead and run x-rays, ultrasound and place a feeding tube.

Mewdy Blue thanks everyone who can pass on their prayers and warm cuddly feelings. And I thank you too.


  1. sending you purrs and prayers...we just donated. Wish we could do more but I am unemployed.

    1. Thanks so much Caren. Every little bit helps. I'm so sorry about your situation. Hope you are doing okay.