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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Variety of News

Today I’m going to share several websites of note. Enjoy!

Check out this story about the horse who not only lived through a tornado but miraculously ended up IN his owners’ kitchen! This story should point out to everyone that it doesn’t take an EF5 tornado to do damage. Any tornado can destroy:

Read this story about a move to determine where a potentially lethal pet treat-borne illness comes from:

I always encourage owners to vaccinate their pets and horses for rabies to not only protect the animals but people who work with them as well. Now officials in New Mexico are responding to a seemingly drought-driven increase in rabies cases by encouraging the (rabies) vaccination of any livestock that come into contact with people as well. Even if your aren’t in New Mexico you should read this:

Paws Hospice in Tampa, Florida, has started a new database that lists used small animal wheelchairs available for pets who need them:

Finally some legislators are trying to change the status of military dogs. Historically they have been listed as equipment and many times left behind after their faithful service at war. Now efforts are in play to provide transport for these heroic dogs from the site of war back home:

Maybe now I am ready to get back to the story of my kittens and how they found homes – or didn’t. Next time!

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