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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bed partners

This issue has been going around for a long time and the discussion goes back and forth regarding whether it is safe or not to sleep with your pets. Here’s a new article arguing against it:

I’m sorry but I feel that most people who allow their pets in the bed probably take good care of their pets’ health and are likely safe from these zoonotic diseases.

I’ve also heard the argument that dogs shouldn’t sleep in their owners’ beds because it upsets the “balance” of their relationship. These people believe that owners should be the leader of the pack and the dog should be subservient. I think that now days most trainers take a different view. Owners aren’t taught to be dominant anymore but rather partners with their dogs. To be completely honest, my dog, Blizzard, doesn’t sleep in my bed but that’s only because there isn’t enough room for him. He prefers his crate, where he knows he won’t have to share space with the cats. The crate is his own private space, no cats allowed.

If you do sleep with your pets just be sure that he is healthy, vaccinated, parasite-free (including fleas) and well-groomed and you should be fine. In fact, don’t you think this is a good time to bond with your pets? The only other consideration is if you have allergies. Allergists usually recommend keeping pets out of the bedrooms of people who have allergies and that is understandable.

Do you sleep with your pets? What about pets other than cats or dogs?

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