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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hawkeye in the news again

Recently an Iowa native made news worldwide when he displayed his closeness to his best friend. Hawkeye, a chocolate Labrador, made an appearance at his owner’s funeral. Jon Tumilson, a Navy SEAL, was killed while serving in Afghanistan. At his funeral, attended by thousands, Hawkeye led the family to the front of the gym where he then chose to lie at the foot of Tumilson’s casket. The image (link) was caught by Tumilson’s cousin and made the rounds of websites, news programs and many discussions.

As if that didn’t bring a tear to anyone’s eye now the word is out that the Iowa Hawkeye Football team has invited Hawkeye to one of the November home games. In order to honor our fallen SEAL and other Iowa veterans Hawkeye may be leading the team onto the field at the beginning of the game or maybe accompany the team captains mid-field for the coin toss. Officials are working with the family to determine the best way to accomplish this feat.

Here’s a link to the Des Moines Register’s report:

The thing that really touches my heart is to see that the family and friends understood just how much Tumilson loved his best friend and chose to include him in the funeral plans. I only hope that people remember my pets when I'm gone. And I'm glad that Tumilson thought to have his friend take care of Hawkeye while he served in the military.
Have you made any plans for your pets if they outlive you? Do you have family or friends who are willing to take care of them if you are unable to? I'd like to hear your plans or ideas.

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