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Monday, May 2, 2011

Ghost cats

B.W. Huckleberry

I’m proud of the fact that all of my present cats are ex-ferals or the offspring of them because it took a lot of work and dedication to work with them. Yet I miss something that only traditional, domestic cats can give. Whenever I have visitors my cats all disappear, well except for a couple of brave souls who venture down after a time. When I had normal house cats, way back when, they were always present for visitors and even tried to force themselves on people.

Lando Calrissian was one who refused to be ignored. If someone didn’t pick him up he’d jump up in front of them expecting them to catch him. I don’t have to tell you that he startled many people that way. Lando’s brother, Zeit Geist, made his presence known in a different way. You see, Zeiter had muscular dystrophy so he couldn’t jump but if you sat down he’d be on your lap, glued to you as quickly as he could. If you remained standing he’d glue himself to your feet so you couldn’t move.

Haberdasher remained a little aloof but he did accept the occasional petting, waving his tail haughtily in the air. Baryshnikat was more of a show off. He liked to be in the middle of everything so if you brought anything with you he’d be in or on it. He was usually the first to find visiting coats and boots too. Gabrielle’s Galaxy was the lone hold out. She never lowered herself to accept visitors. No one was worth her time. But she did have to be in the room just out of reach in order to see what was happening.

Now in most cases no one even sees the cats I have now. If they stay for any length of time they might see Mewdy Blue or his brother Question as they come downstairs to investigate. And once in awhile Fargo will peer down the stairs and maybe even slink into the room but you’d never touch him. No, my cats are like ghosts that leave only their toys behind to attest to their presence.

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