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Monday, January 10, 2011


Bluebird is ill. I say this knowing that she is recovering even though I still don’t know what was wrong with her to begin with. Friday she stopped eating and by Saturday was so dehydrated she required subcutaneous fluids. I took her to the veterinarian for bloodwork, fluids and other medications.

Thirteen years ago I took in a feral cat that I’d been trying for two years to catch. Effie was ready to have a litter of kittens at any time and finally had them in my cat room. Bluebird was one of those kittens. She was a mama’s girl at first, always hiding behind her protective mother but soon came out of her shell and became a show cat at 4 months of age. She bears a close resemblance to her mother, a blue and white tuxedo cat, though she lacks the blue spot on her chin and the white tip on her tail. And Bluebird was graced with beautiful sparkling green eyes.

But she is a prima donna. Not in the dancing sense, mind you, no she is a persnickety girl who only does something if it is her idea. Thus her show career was a short one. I think the judges were a little afraid of her and rightly so. I don’t think she would have bitten any of them but she sure could make enough noise to make you think she could.

Even at home her prima donna-ish personality comes through. She has to have her own special dining spot and her own special bowl. And now she even has to have her own special food. Maybe it’s because she was the only girl in her litter. At bedtime she wants all the attention regardless of how many other cats are on the bed and generally gets it for a bit. If, however, I pause to pet another cat, well, then she’s off to her own special sleeping spot.

Now she’s feeling down and her “spot” is under the bed. Tonight she came out for a short time to eat some baby food and slept beside me as I watched T.V. but then it was back under the bed for the night. Tomorrow we’ll get the blood results but I’m guessing everything will be normal and she’ll be back to eating once again. She’s just persnickety enough to do this if she thinks I haven’t been giving her enough attention.

Just wanted to update Bluebird's condition. She is still not eating well and though her bloodwork was normal looks quite miserable. She will be visiting the veterinarian again tomorrow.


  1. Poor Bluebird !
    I will purrs for her to feeling better and I hope her blood test come out O.K.

    Purrs and Hugs

  2. Thanks for the well wishes. Bluebird is doing better today as I expected. Her bloodwork was normal although we are awaiting the results of one more test. Yesterday she would eat only baby food but tonight she ate some D/D so that is progress.

    Again thanks!